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On April 6, 2021, White City adopted a new Private Swimming Pool Bylaw. 

The Private Swimming Pool Bylaw was originally established to regulate and ensure the safe operation of private swimming pools in White City. The intent of the bylaw remains the same, with the new bylaw offering clarification on the processes for installing and enclosing swimming pools, based on new technologies, common practices and resident needs.

A notable update found in the Private Swimming Pool Bylaw No. 667-21 relates to swimming pool enclosures, specifically swimming pool covers, which were not addressed in the previous version of the bylaw. Recognizing the rapid advancement of technology in swimming pool covers, the new bylaw offers the opportunity to install a standardized, mechanical pool cover in association with a five-foot fence as an alternative enclosure option to the six-foot fence requirement.

Bylaw No. 667-21 The Private Swimming Pool Bylaw

Check out the permit packages below for the permit application forms that need to be filled out, which includes an application checklist to ensure all relevant documentation is submitted.

As always, please contact the Town Office at 306-781-2355 or townoffice@whitecity.ca  if you have questions surrounding swimming pools.