New Homes, Renovations & Basement Development

Whether you’re building your dream home, or redreaming your old home, here’s everything you need to know about breaking ground in White City.

Development And Building Permit Application

The following documents are required for new home permit applications:

  1. Development Permit Application Form 
  2. Building Permit Application Form 
  3. Lot Development Plot Plan or Site Plan 
    • The plot plan should include: lot dimensions & shape; indicate North; project size & distance from property lines, new and existing buildings on the property, easements, driveway and required setbacks.
  4. Engineered Drawings  
    • One (1) complete set of plans, sealed and signed by an appropriate engineer (digital PDF copy of plans preferred). 
    • The plans should be approved by the Developer when applicable. One (1) additional set of plans may be required by the Developer.  
  5. Residential Plan Review Checklist & Permit Information Form 
    • PBI Forms
  6. Architectural form (Building Materials and Colors) 
    • Must be signed and approved by the Developer.
  7. Business License Application 
    • All contractors/persons conducting business must be filled and signed if applicable. 
Building Permit Fees And Deposits 
  1. PBI Payable- Not specified 
    • PBI Payable covers the cost of the inspections during the building process. The PBI Payable amount varies and is dependent on the building size and square footage. 
  2. Permit Fee- Not specified 
    • The Permit Fee is dependent on the PBI Payable fee.
  3. Water Meter Fee - $700.00 
    • A water meter is installed (by Town staff) in all new homes.
  4. Water Fee - $130.00 
    • Water fee added on the permit to cover water costs during construction. 
  5. Occupancy Deposit - $1,500.00 
    • The occupancy deposit will be refunded to the home builder/contractor when certain criteria is met. The criteria is outlined in Exhibit A to Bylaw 601-16, which is signed by the homebuilder at the time the permit is issued. 
  6. Landscaping Deposit - $2,000.00 in Bower West Phase III and Sarah's Cove, $1000.00 in older subdivisions
    • Deposit is refunded to the homeowner when the requirements in the lot purchase agreement are adhered to. This includes completion of all landscaping and installation of a hard-surface driveway. 
  7. Ditch Deposit - $400.00 
    • Deposit is refunded to the homeowner when the front ditch area is seeded or sodded with proper slope and drainage considerations. 
    • Note: Ditch and landscaping deposit refunds are offered together as one refund, meaning ditch and all landscaping must be completed and inspected prior to the release of the deposits. 
  8. Administration Fee - $100.00
  9. SAMA Fee - $50.00 

More information on landscaping requirements can be found at the Driveways, Landscaping & Fences page.

Other Important Information 
  1. The issuance of the Building and Development Permit does not release the applicant or owner from compliance with any other municipal or provincial bylaw, statute or regulation, including but not limited to the following:
    1. Plumbing Permit from the Technical Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK) for any plumbing additions or alterations. More information can be found on the TSASK website:
    2. Electrical Permit from SaskPower Corporation for any electrical system additions or alterations.
    3. Gas Permit from SaskEnergy for any gas system additions or alterations.
  2. As per Town Bylaws, weeping tile, garage floor drains, sewage pools, and sump pits cannot be connected to the Town’s sewer system. These must drain into the owner’s property.
  3. Every property owner shall permit the Town of White City or its authorized representative, Professional Building Inspections, to enter any building or premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of administering or enforcing the Building Bylaw or the Zoning Bylaw. Please see the Inspections page for further information on the types of inspections required for your building permit. 
  4. An agreement between the Town and the Builder/Contractors must be signed at the time of the issuance of the Building Permit (Exhibit “A” to Bylaw No. 601-16). The stipulations of this signed agreement must be completed before the occupancy deposit can be refunded to the home builder.