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Building Inspections

Just like growing kids need regular check-ups, growing buildings need regular inspections. If you’re building or renovating in White City, we’ll have the expert inspectors at Professional Building Inspectors (PBI) come by to make sure things are up to code and in compliance with our bylaws. 

Every property owner shall permit the Town of White City or its authorized representative, Professional Building Inspections, to enter any building or premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of administering or enforcing the Building Bylaw or the Zoning Bylaw. The contractor and/or owner shall provide notice to the building inspector for an inspection at least two days in advance of each of the following stages of construction: 

1. FOUNDATION - Prior to pouring the foundation. 

2. FRAMING - Upon completion of the framing. 

3. INSULATION & VAPOUR BARRIER - Upon completion of insulation and prior to drywall.

4. PRE-OCCUPANCY - Prior to occupancy of the building. 

5. FINAL - Final inspection with all prior deficiencies completed. 

A pre-occupancy inspection must be completed in order for the occupancy deposit to be refunded to the contractor. An Application for Occupancy Permit must be submitted to the Town of White City three weeks prior to the occupancy date. This form will be attached to the building permit package given to the homebuilder/contractor when the permit is issued. 

For smaller scale projects, less inspections are required. Simply put, you will not need a pre-occupancy inspection for your gazebo or detached garage (unless you are planning on living in there). The type and amount of inspections required by the building inspectors depends on the scope of the project. You will receive information on the inspection process when you come pick up your permit. 

Please visit the PBI website at or call the Town of White City to learn more about the inspections required for your project. 

To schedule an inspection, please call your designated building official (assigned when you pick up your permit) or the PBI Office at 306-536-1799.  


Landscape Inspections

For information on landscaping and landscape inspections, click here.