Vision, Mission & Values

2022-2025 Strategic Plan


Small town feel with an active lifestyle appeal. A vibrant growing community that provides a safe, inclusive and innovative environment where everyone thrives.


White City Town Council and Administration’s mission is to facilitate the creation and continuance of a community that residents and businesses are proud to call home and proud to support. Our mission is to be leaders and shape our community to best represent the current and future residents of White City. We will provide the small town feel our community was built on by protecting the peaceful atmosphere with wide open spaces and providing the opportunity for all residents to live their way of life.

We will appeal to a vibrant and active lifestyle by providing recreation facilities and programming, cultural opportunities and a variety of amenities to service the physical and mental needs of our residents. We will foster our growing community with sustainable, innovative and intelligent planning to attract residential development, businesses and partnership opportunities.


White City strives to excel by employing best business practices and delivering high quality services for our residents and municipal partners. We aim to provide a model of excellence that others choose to follow and be seen as a leader among municipalities.

We strive to provide the highest level of transparency to our residents and act in a highly ethical manner in all interactions. Financial decisions
are made with consideration of the fiscal sustainability of White City. We plan for the future, capitalize on opportunities and serve as responsible stewards of the public’s money.

We are a learning organization that grows through our experience, welcomes innovative ideas and incorporates continuous improvements into what we do and how we do it. We are dedicated to creating a forward-thinking and advanced municipality.

We engage and communicate with the belief that residents in our community should be involved in the municipal decision-making process. We aim to provide transparent and easily accessible information to the public to encourage high levels of citizen engagement and participation in our community.

Residents are treated with equality and respect. We aspire to set cultural examples based on inclusion and the desire to create a positive community spirit that others will choose to follow. We are aware of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada calls to action and strive to implement those actions in the governance of our municipality.

We are team members and aim to build a positive team spirit by creating a safe, healthy and fair workplace. We engage our stakeholders and meaningfully implement their feedback and communicate with them on a regular basis. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with our regional and provincial partners to improve regional planning and communication with one another.