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Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) recently updated regulations surrounding golf cart usage in municipalities. The Town of White City previously had a bylaw (Bylaw No. 592-15) which allowed golf carts to be driven only on the most direct route between a golf course and the storage location of the golf cart. 

The updated bylaw now allows golf carts to be driven on public roads, however, they must stay off Multi-Use Pathways.


  1. Drivers must hold a minimum of a Class 7 driver’s license.
  2. Owners must carry a minimum of $200.0K in 3rd-party liability insurance and provide proof of insurance at the request of the RCMP or the Community Safety Officer.
  3. Cannot operate on any roadway with a posted speed over 50 km/h.
  4. Must display a slow-moving vehicle sign.
  5. Only be operated during daylight hours on roadways.
  6. Cannot be capable of operating at a speed of more than 24 km/h on level ground.
  7. Must not be operated on any provincial highway, other than to cross one.
  8. Travel on the farthest right hand portion of roadway.
  9. Must stay off Multi-Use pathways.

What is classified as a golf cart?

A golf cart is defined in the bylaw as a vehicle with three or more wheels that:

1. is designed to carry golfers and their equipment through a golf course;

2. does not exceed 24 kms/hour;

3. weighs less than 590 kilograms (not including the weight of the passengers and equipment; and

4. is not defined as an all terrain vehicle in “The All Terrain Vehicles Act” or a low speed vehicle as defined in “The Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.”