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White City Sports Fields: We built it, and we know you want to come! From football, soccer and full-contact freeze tag at Wheatland Park and EWCS Sports Field to baseball, softball and good old-fashioned catch at Serbu Field, to the tennis courts, where you can show off your fancy grunts, White City Sports Fields have a little something extra for everybody! Please note that all public health guidelines and return-to-play guidelines must be followed at all times! 

Want to book one of our illustrious fields for your tournament or team? There’s an app(lication) for that:

Sports Field Fee Schedule
Sports Field Allocation Policy
Seasonal Sports Field Application
Occasional Sports Field Application
Tournament Sports Field Application

For all your other greenspace/garden party/get-these-crazy-kids-out-of-my-house related needs, including how you can book the Splash Park, Ridgedale Park, Hummingbird Park, Emerald Ridge Park and the tennis courts, please contact Shane Graefer by phone at 306-781-2355 ext. 225 or email at