Running & Strength Class

A new session of Running & Strength Class is Beginning in August!📣🏃

The Running & Strength Class is designed for beginner and intermediate levels but is open to anyone and everyone! Each class will incorporate running (or walking) and strength training into one fun class per week. This class is perfect for those training for summer runs (especially our White City Fun Run) or those looking to get outside and be more active this spring!

Join us every Thursday at the White City Community Centre from 7:30 - 8:15 PM.

There are two options for registration: Course (All 6 weeks) or Drop-in (One class). 

Both commitment levels require registration.

There are two options for registration: Course or Drop-In.

Course is a commitment to all 4 weeks of the program and costs $50.

Drop-in is only committing to one class and costs $15.

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