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Who is Running

Candidates for Mayor

Darhl Vercaigne

Who is Running

32 Federal Drive White City Saskatchewan
Mayoral Candidate Municipal Election 2020

Darhl has been a resident of White City since 1996 and has had previous experience on White City Council as a Councillor and Committee member Parks and Rec Board, Development Appeals Board and First Responder Town of White City

Darhl also initiated “Riders in the Park” Community event celebrating Riderville 100th Anniversary competition in conjunction with RM of Edenwold

Darhl is married to wife Arlene Janzen C.A

Respectful Governance

  • Respect for our community resources and relations with neighbouring communities
  • Education program awareness and access digital at home work and learn spaces
  • Support and Improve Safety First Health and Protective Initiatives
  • Parks and Recreation Program Expansion
  • Ensure Responsible Zoning Policies
  • Communications Excellence
  • Transparent and Trustworthy Council Leadership

Phone: 306-789-4164


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darhl-vercaigne-17257a17/

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Brian Fergusson

Who is Running

Brian Fergusson has been a resident of White City for over 21 years and a Professional Accountant since 1986. He and his wife Donna enjoy cycling, and travel. They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.


  1. Communication: Improve communication and transparency between Town (Council and Administration) and residents
  2. Annexation: Continue with proposed annexation
  3. RM of Edenwold: Reset / renew relationship
  4. Zoning bylaws: Complete review, particularly: a) comparability to nearby communities; b) simplification; c) rationalization with bylaws applicable to annexed areas
  5. Pedestrian and vehicle safety: Speeding, irresponsible drivers, enforcement
  6. Water and sewer: Rates, improve water quality
  7. Recreation centre: Continue plan on an “as needed / affordable” basis
  8. High school: Work with Ministry of Education to build new school in WC area
  9. Taxes: Rationalize taxes while maintaining services to residents

More at https://www.facebook.com/BrianFergusson4WhiteCitySKMayor

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Bruce Evans

Who is Running

It is an honour to represent White City as Mayor. It is also a responsibility I take very seriously.

Denise and I have raised our four sons in this Community since 1999.

In 2006, I was elected Mayor of White City. During the next 10 years, the community was recognized by Statistics Canada as the fastest growing Town in Canada. Rapid growth has presented many opportunities, and many challenges. During this time, we have worked hard to identify the needs of the overall Community, including:

  • A new RCMP detachment to improve response times for the region
  • the Highway #48 overpass, as a component of the Regina Bypass project
  • a second elementary school, and set aside land for a third, as well as for a future high school and recreation facility.

Much more needs to be done. I remain committed to working hard for you. I ask for your continued support.

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Candidates for Council

Howard Slack

Who is Running

I have resided in White City since 1976 with my wife Mavis, we have three children and three grandchildren. We have operated our Accounting Business in White City for 41 years and have being involved in many of the committees and sporting activities through those years. I have had the honor to be on the Fire Department and Council for many of those years.

My Priorities for the upcoming council term If elected.

  • New High school and a new elementary school.
  • Recreation facilities for the growing families, at a sustainable cost.
  • To keep up the good service to the community at an affordable cost.
  • Continue to work towards becoming one community, one voice to further responsible development in the community.
  • Support the town centre project for a vibrant community with alternative housing options.
  • To continue working with the R.C.M.P. to improve the enforcement of the laws and bylaws in the community.
  • To continue to be transparent in all the dealings from council to the residents.

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Scott Moskal

Who is Running

My wife and I moved to White City in July of 2011. We have 2 children, 9 and 7 years old. I became interested in municipal government and started attending council meetings in 2015. I was elected in the fall of 2016.

During the past 4 years on Council we have maintained some of the lowest taxes in the region, all while improving on communication to residents, building an outdoor skating rink, several new play structures, focus on traffic safety with reduced speed limits, and started construction of a side walk on Lott Rd.

We need further improvements of our parks and recreations spaces. We will continue to attract a much needed High School in our area.

It is unfortunate that the Annexation project has not been completed yet. I have committed a significant amount of time to this project and is the primary reason that I am seeking re-election.

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Henry (Hal) Zorn

Who is Running

Committed to Serving Our Community
Retired Police Officer | 31-Year Resident | 5 Children

My Priorities

Public Safety
  • Enhance community policing with a view of:
  • Creating a visible policing presence within our community
  • Guaranteeing safety in public spaces
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Work closely with the White City Council and staff to ensure business conducted is transparent and always completed with the best interests of the community in mind
Economic Development
  • I will continue to fully support the White City Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan and the One Community One Voice initiative to further responsible development within our community
Neighbourhoods and Quality of Life
  • The foundation of any community is its neighborhoods. If elected, I will continue to work with our citizens to maintain and improve our recreational facilities and programs
Quality Education
  • If re-elected, I will continue to work for a new high school within our local community

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Rebecca Otitoju

Who is Running

Originally from Nigeria, my family have lived in White City for 18 years. I have years of administrative experience within government and non-profit sections. A pastor and a Volunteer Coordinator. Blessed with a wonderful husband, grown children and many grandchildren.


  • The Town Centre project and a vibrant community with different housing options
  • Ensuring the safety of our residents (policing & lighted pathways)
  • One Community one Voice initiative
  • New elementary and high schools to accommodate growth
  • Attracting families by providing a recreational facility
  • Collaboration/partnerships to enhance our rich heritage through the museum and bring library programs that are beneficial
  • Top quality services at affordable costs
  • How to reduce the effect of COVID-19 in our community
  • Making White City the first choice for families looking for new homes

For more information and questions,   

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William (Bill) Krzysik

Who is Running

A dedicated husband and proud father of two. Bill and his wife Corrie moved to White City 13 years ago, out of the hustle and bustle and back to a familiar small-town setting to raise their children. Bill grew up in a small Northeastern town before moving to Regina to attend university. Bill spent the first years in the community coaching kids’ sports teams and now enjoys giving back to the community as the current Communiskate Rink Board President.

Priorities include:

  1. Improved Communication between Town and residents
  2. Enhancing the sense of community by offering residents increased Cultural and Recreation options that keep youth and families active in the community
  3. Annexation: Continue with proposed plan
  4. Reset relationships with neighboring communities
  5. Roadway safety: increased lighting, speeding and irresponsible driver enforcement
  6. Water and sewer: Rate review, improve water quality
  7. Ensuring value for taxes

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Kris Moen

Who is Running

My young family has lived here for almost 5 years. You will see us at the rink, diamonds, parks, recitals or just hanging out in our neighbourhood. We love it here and want to put down our roots. I have no political experience but involved in local boards and committees. I work as a Support Manager and that role brings the ability of hearing, raising and acting on concerns that are brought to me. I listen to all sides and make sure your issue is heard. 


- Highschool, we need to work on finding a solution to keeping our kids and their activities in our community. 

- Repairing relationships with our neighbouring communities and the RM. We need to work together and not be stopped by past history.

- Finding ways to keep our youth busy, active and entertained. Many of our concerns around crime results from our youth not having options.

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Cecil Snyder

Who is Running

Resident since 1976, retired, 3 daughters.

Councilor since 2000 focused on efficient delivery of services and planning for growth.

Utilities portfolio since 2000

  • Gravity sewer project 2000 – 2005
  • White City/ RM of Edenwold Wastewater Management Authority 2009
  • Chairman of the Authority 2009 – 2013, 2016 – 2017, 2019 - present
  • Construction of force main, gravity main and lift station 2010-2012
  • Construction of new lagoons and repairs to existing lagoons 2013
  • Wastewater treatment facility, additional lagoons and irrigation sites currently under construction.

The use of a base tax and the maximum discount for early payment allowed under current provincial law resulting in some of the lowest taxes in the region.

Recreation facilities approved since 2000

  • Splash park
  • Upgrades to the ball diamonds
  • Skate park
  • Football field
  • Pickle ball
  • Play structures
  • Outdoor rink and pavilion.

Future goals:

  • High school for White City
  • Recreation facilities
  • Infrastructure for growth

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Andrew Boschman

Who is Running

It has been an honour to serve White City residents over the past 4 years.

I am a father of two active young children, small business owner, Communiskate board member, and your neighbour. I take pride in being accessible and am eager to listen.

With forward thinking, I will continue to work for:

  • More recreational services and amenities for all ages
  • A local High School
  • Improved relationship with our neighbouring communities
  • Better value for your taxes
  • Ensuring past mistakes with our utilities are not repeated and that a better, fairer system is found for rates
  • Communication with, and listening to residents

Among other achievements, I am proud to have:

  • Spearheaded construction of the new and return of the old outdoor rink
  • Initiated exploration of a Multi-Use Recreation Facility
  • Introduced three new playgrounds (and renewal program)
  • Triggered the water utility ownership and rate structure review

Contact me at: 


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