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Update - April 23, 2020 - White City Council Donates Personal Remuneration to Support Local Businesses

At the April 20th Regular Council Meeting, council made a unanimous decision to donate $3,000 of their personal remuneration to purchase gift cards for local businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Here's how we plan to give just a little bit of support:
👉 purchasing gift cards from local White City and Emerald Park businesses who have seen a significant impact due to COVID-19
👉 holding online contests to give away those gift cards to our local businesses
👉 highlighting local businesses on our social media channels

Are you a local business that's interested in participating? Reach out to us at , town administration will be reaching out to qualifying businesses on a first-come-first-serve basis.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

Update - April 22, 2020 - Municipal Property Tax Discounts and Deadlines Extended

At the April 20, 2020, Regular Council Meeting, council introduced a bylaw to extend Municipal Property Tax Discounts and Deadline to help residents during COVID-19.

For the 2020 Tax Year, the municipal property tax deadline has been extended to December 31, 2020.

Additionally, the following discounts apply (to the municipal portion of taxes only):
Payments received in July - 15% discount
Payments received in August - 14% discount
Payments received in September - 13% discount
Payments received in October - 11% discount
Payments received in November - 9% discount
Payments received in December - 0% discount or penalty

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

Update - April 16, 2020 - Covid Relief Measure for Residents

Measures Mayor Bruce Evans announced last week to help Town of White City residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

Update - April 7, 2020 - Mayor's Update

Update from Mayor Bruce Evans - April 7, 2020

Address from Mayor Evans - April 7, 2020

Update - April 3, 2020 - Council & Committee Meeting Location

TAKE NOTICE that due to the recent coronavirus pandemic until further notice the location of all regularly scheduled council and committee meetings has been changed from White City Council Chambers to a Zoom Virtual Meeting Room.

Meetings are available to the public.

The link to the virtual meeting location will be posted on each council agenda prior to the meeting and can be obtained at www.whitecity.civicweb.net.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

If you need assistance on accessing the virtual meeting room .

Updates on the location of meetings will be provided as the situation progresses.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

Update - April 2, 2020 - May 2020 Event Cancellations

As part of actively assessing the current pandemic situation the town is formally cancelling the following events scheduled in May 2020:

Community Garage Sale
Community Pancake Breakfast
Council Community BBQ

We will keep residents update through our Website and Social Media Channels of any further developments.

These events were cancelled to encourage the continuation of social distancing and for the health and safety of residents and municipal staff. Like many of our residents we’re looking forward to when we can resume our events and programming – remember you’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

Update - March 31, 2020 - Practicing Social Distancing in Parks & Pathways

It's up to each and every resident to do our part to limit the spread of coronavirus, that means practicing proper social distancing while enjoying our walking paths.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

For more information on what you can do to mitigate community-based spread, visit the Government of Canada Website.

Update - March 24, 2020 - Municipal Outdoor Recreation Facilities Closed

Update: Effective immediately, the town will also be closing all municipal outdoor recreation facilities. This includes:
- Double K Outdoor Recreation Facility
- Fernwood Tennis/Pickleball Courts
- Ball Diamonds (including Serbu Park, Ridgedale Park & Confederation Drive)
- Wheatland Sports Field
- Skate Park

The town is closing these facilities to discourage groups from congregating and to avoid participation in activities between groups or kids that includes the passing of sports balls or equipment that may result in transmission of the coronavirus.

We still encourage families to make use of walking paths and green spaces and practice social distancing, here are a few ideas to keep yourself and your kids active while remaining safe and healthy:

1. ParticipAction App- Download the app to challenge you and/or your kids to keep active.
2. Saskatchewan In Motion has many great resources to you with creating healthy happy active kids. How about Pajama Olympics! All the resources you need are available online. 
3. Draw/Painting a scene from nature
4. Start a Container Garden - Growing vegetables in containers can provide the best growing environment possible for your garden veggies without you having to relocate, amend the soil or cut down beautiful shade trees. There are lots of resources available online specific to Saskatchewan. 
5. Camp at home -who doesn’t love camping, especially when you still have access to your own shower. Why not capture some of that joy while you are at home. 

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

Update - March 24, 2020 - Municipal Play Grounds Closed

In an effort to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Town of White City will be closing all play structures on municipal land, effective immediately until further notice.

Play structures are high touch areas. In order to maintain effective social distancing we encourage parents and kids to use one of the many green spaces or walking paths in our community. Please remember, that if you are not from the same family proper social distancing means staying six-feet apart, for more info from the Saskatchewan Chief Medical Officer and Provincial Government check out this link: https://regina.ctvnews.ca/good-old-fashioned-saskatchewan-c…

Over the next few days the town will be putting up signage and barricades at municipal play structures. Thank you to residents who brought forward this concern.

White City  COVID19 Response Updates

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Town of White City - Address from Mayor Evans - March 20, 2020

Address from Mayor Evans - March 20, 2020

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Town of White City Response - March 16, 2020

Effective Tuesday March 17th, the Town of White City will be closing, and cancelling all events, at the White City Community Centre.  The town will contact any groups or individuals who have book the community centre as the situation progresses.

The town will also be closing the White City Town Office to public until further notice.  Residents who need to make payments at the town office are required to do so via online banking with your financial institution or by dropping a cheque in the mail slot at the town office. 

Public Works staff will still be performing essential duties to ensure that residents have access to essential municipal services, such as water and sewer services.

Interaction with town council and administration will be limited to phone and/or email.  If you have any questions or concerns please call 306-781-2355 or  to be directed to the appropriate party.

The town’s response efforts will be communicated to the public as more information becomes available and based on new information and guidance from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Unaffected Municipal Services

Fire Services

Medical Response Services

Water & Sewer Services

Emergency Water & Sewer Services

Waste & Recycling Collection Services

Town Maintenance Services

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