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Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision consists of what we are today and what we envision this community to be in the future. 

Today, White City is:

  • The fastest growing Town in Canada; a title it has held for the past 10 years;
  • A community of 3,100 people, providing services and recreational amenities to an area population of approximately 6,000 people;
  • One of the youngest towns in Canada, being established in 1959;
  • A family community representing a simple, friendly and relaxed lifestyle; and
  • A community of opportunity, encouraging residential and commercial development, the entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership, excellent services and pride in the community.

Corporate Vision Mission  Values


White City’s mission is to create a community that provides peaceful living with high quality municipal services and wide-open spaces.  We will plan and manage our growth responsibly and produce opportunities for our residents to enjoy a community that offers the services and amenities that provide for a high quality of life for all ages and for businesses to prosper.

Our Corporate Values

Corporate values guide the way Administration and Council will conduct its affairs and in dealing with citizens.

Vision Mission  Values

Our Business Planning Principles

Business planning principles are used to translate the corporate values into behaviours. These are the principles Administration uses to plan, make decisions, and act.

Vision Mission  Values