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Snow Removal & Street Cleaning/Maintenance

Street Cleaning

Thank you to our Public Works team for completing street cleaning in Spring 2020 and keeping our community clean. 

Snow Removal

Our amazing crew at the Town Maintenance Department is out there all winter long, sprinkling sand and removing snow, so you’re not commuting on a Slip ‘n’ Slide!

To make sure everything runs like it should, a few friendly reminders:

  • The Town’s Snow Fighters and their equipment have the right of way at all times
  • Don’t park your vehicles and trailers on Town property, not in the green spaces, not even in the ditches.
  • If you want to mark your driveway, please make sure you do it with flexible, movable material. Anything like rebar, 2x4s and cement blocks will be removed by the Town to keep our streets safe.
  • See a detailed map of the Snow Removal Priority and Sanding Routes here

Remember, there’s no on-street parking in White City, so if your vehicle is on the street and gets damaged by the plow, it’s your responsibility!

In addition to Snow Fighting, the Town’s Road Wizards perform other maintenance, like street sweeping, throughout the year at the mercy of the weather. To find out what they have planned next, visit the Road Closures and Construction page!

Mark Your Driveways

Before the snow and cold weather sets in for the season now is a good time to place your yard and driveway markers. Remember to use flexible markers. Materials such as rebar, cinder blocks, rocks, concrete blocks or any other immovable material is not permitted and may damage municipal equipment.

Any prohibited materials will be removed by the town – please make sure to take notice of markers when driving and avoid driving over your neighbour’s property.