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Road Closures & Construction

Road Closures  ConstructionThey don’t have a dedicated traffic copter, but Town Foreman, Josh Challand, and his trusty partner, Public Works Manager, Gary Schmidt, are working together to keep White City streets safe from potholes and sewer main breaks! We’ll keep you posted right here about where they’re working, so you can steer clear!

Lott Road East - Multi-Use Pathway Project Construction

PROJECT UPDATE - September 1st, 2021

The construction of the Lott Road East pathway is progressing nicely and is on schedule to be completed by mid-September.

The concrete work has continued east and is being followed up by the landscaping work once the concrete has had a chance to cure. Because of the curing process, there may be a bit of time between when the concrete work is completed and when the landscaping can be completed. The Public Works staff, who are handling the landscaping portion of the work (re-grading, sprinklers, topsoiling and sodding) continue to prioritize the project and ensure the work is being completed as soon as possible. By Friday, September 3rd, the pathway and all corresponding landscaping is expected to be fully completed between Bower Drive and Emerald Hill Drive.

 As always, we ask for your patience as we work towards the completion of this important pathway construction project.


Project Scheduled to begin July 28, 2021 and complete on September 17, 2021 

Please note this schedule is subject to change depending on contractor availability, Public Works emergencies, weather delays, and/or other factors.

Work Areas & Traffic

Work has begun on the Lott Road East Pathway Construction. The Canada Post mailbox near 2 Emerald Hill Drive has been temporarily relocated across the street to allow for a pullover area. The mailbox will be moved back to it's permanent location as construction is completed.
*The mailbox has been returned to it's original location*

The following is in the tentative schedule for the project:

July 21 – July 30

Turning radius improvements
Marking out/layout of pathway
Temporary mailbox relocation
Scheduled meetings with residents regarding sprinklers

July 28

Paving of all radius turning lanes, and mail box pull over will begin.
Expect traffic flow down to one lane at times, temporary delays on access to driveways due to construction equipment.
(please respect the construction works and allow them the room to work safely)

August 3 – August 30

Pathway construction beginning at Bower Drive and continuing east through to Emerald Ridge East.
Corresponding landscaping work will begin on completed pathway sections after concrete has cured for a minimum of 10 days.
Please stay off of new asphalt paving until cones and barricades are removed

September 1 - September 17

Project completion (including landscaping work.)

PLEASE NOTE: this schedule is subject to change depending on contractor availability, Public Works emergencies, weather delays or other factors.

*Very important that residents do not water areas within the construction area (15 feet from existing pavement edge) this will weaken the base structure, pavement and concrete and cause future stability issues with the newly installed infrastructure.

**Have bins out prior to 6:30 am on days of service and pickup will occur at 7:00 am.** 


As the pathway is being constructed there will be an active work zone which may minimally affect traffic in and around the work areas:

Be cautious of workers and large equipment.
There may be traffic delays, consider taking an alternate route to access White City Drive or Highway 48.
Please ensure Garbage/Recycling/Compost bins are placed out, in front of your driveway, before 7:00 a.m. on collection days.
There may be temporary disruptions in accessing your property, we appreciate your patience there will be no long term impacts to driveway access during the project.
Additional InformationSprinklers & Town’s Ditch Area

The Town will be responsible for the relocation, reconstruction and replacement of the affected grass areas adjacent to the construction. This includes the relocation and replacement of irrigation systems and sprinklers that are impacted by the project. The Town does not have records or drawings of where these are located within properties and needs the help of the property owners to identify them. 

All residents who live on the south side of Lott Road East and currently have sprinklers in the Town’s ditch area are being asked to contact Manager of Public Works Gary Schmidt at 306-552-3848 before July 31, 2021 to set up a meeting to review their property, mark sprinkler locations and discuss the project details. This will help to ensure that each property has been evaluated and is properly prepared for the upcoming construction work. The Town does not take any responsibility for sprinklers that are impacted by the construction for those residents who choose not to schedule this meeting.

To keep our community beautiful and ensure the longevity of the work, the residents are expected to maintain the new sod post construction, as you have been doing in the area previously. 

Road Closures  Construction

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Betteridge Road Upgrade Project - Phase II

Project  Scheduled June 21, 2021 - August 31, 2021

The portion of Betteridge Road between White City Drive and Emerald Park Road is scheduled to be closed from June 21, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

Road Closures  Construction

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