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We know reducing the amount of waste you put into the landfill is important to you, but you don’t want it to reduce the amount of time you have to spend with your family and friends. That’s why the Town of White City provides blue bin recycling pick-up services. No sorting or bagging required! All you have to do is place your clean recyclables in your blue bin, take your bin to the curb by 7 a.m. Wednesdays (alternating with garbage pick up) and voila! You’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries, conserve natural resources like wood and water, and keep the environment healthy for generations to come.

If you find your recycling bin was trashed during recycling pick up or from the general wear and tear that comes in the rough life of a dumpster, call the Town at 306-781-2355 or fill in the 'Contact Us' form and we’ll arrange for you to get a new one. If your bin is damaged by the weather, roughhousing or as a casualty of driver training, it’s up to you to pay for a replacement.

If you have a lot of recycling, the Town will provide an additional bin for $11/month, charged to your quarterly utility bill. Just give us a call at 306-781-2355 or fill in the 'Contact Us' form and we’ll have you reducing, reusing and recycling your way to a cleaner future for all of Canada!

2019 Pick Up Schedule


What You Can Recycle
Beverage Containers

Aluminum pop and beer cans
Plastic pop/water bottles
Milk jugs/cartons
Juice boxes and all Tetra-pak containers   

Paper Fiber Materials

Flattened corrugated cardboard and paperboard (i.e. empty cereal boxes, empty detergent boxes, empty tissue boxes)
Newspapers, flyers, inserts, junk mail
Magazines, catalogues, paperback books, hardcover books with covers and spine removed
Telephone books
Letter quality paper
Brown paper bags, tissue roll cores, gift and packing paper, paper egg cartons
Envelopes with or without windows
Copier paper, computer printouts, NCR (no carbon required) paper
Shredded paper (place in a clear plastic bag and tie shut)
Plastic (Household)
Tin Cans
Milk Jugs/Cartons
NEW ** Glass (rinsed/clean)

All Household Plastics w/any #1-#7 Symbol  

Container MUST have a numbered symbol to be recycled.
Some examples include pop/water bottles, shampoo bottles, liquid detergent jugs, milk jugs, condiment bottles, yogurt and margarine containers, spray bottles etc.
Plastic bags: grocery, retail, dry cleaning, bread bags, etc. Please place all bags inside a single plastic bag and tie shut before putting it in your bin.

What You CAN’T Recycle
Sorry, the following are not accepted:

Waxed, plasticized or food contaminated paper, cardboard, cups or paper plates
Soiled tissues, napkins and paper towels
Confetti paper
Styrofoam or other foam packing materials
Household garbage, organics, hazardous or regulated waste
Plastic toys
Plastic pipe
Outdoor lawn furniture
Hazardous waste containers (ie: motor oil containers)
Disposable diapers
Medical waste (ie: syringes, biohazardarous material)