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Multi-Use Recreation Facility

The Town of White City has been experiencing significant population growth over the past number of years. White City continues to be the fastest growing community in Saskatchewan, and with this comes a need to provided additional amenities and services to the community. Previous community surveys have indicated a lack of indoor recreation opportunities. There is a community desire to see additional facilities developed to support recreation and sports in the area. In response to this community need, the Town of White City has been exploring opportunities to develop a multi-use recreation facility in the Town.


MultiUse Recreation Facility


MultiUse Recreation Facility

Feasibility Study

In October 2018, the Town of White City engaged Midgard Project Management and aodbt architecture + interior design to complete a Feasibility Study to determine the viability of a variety of indoor recreation components to be consolidated into one facility.

The feasibility study process included:

  1. Information Gathering – Review of growth projections, community surveys, and stakeholder interviews to identify needs;
  2. Design Charette – Collaborative design session to identify priorities and community desire from key stakeholder groups;
  3. Conceptual Facility Design – Facility design and area allocation based on Town of White City (town) goals and stakeholder feedback;
  4. Capital Costing Analysis – Class D cost opinion development for each facility component;
  5. Operational Costing Analysis – Analysis of potential revenues, expenditures, and cost recovery related to each facility component.  Projections are based on conservative estimates for rental revenue and rental hours to be utilized.  aodbt conducted an analysis of similar facilities in other communities and researched the City of Regina rates as well as neighboring communities; and
  6. Reporting – Report findings and recommendations to move forward into the next phases of development.

MultiUse Recreation Facility

 Next Steps
  1. Fundraising & Sponsorship: Conduct a fundraising and sponsorship feasibility study to understand the current market for sponsorship and potential fundraising for the facility. This information will be used as part of the financial analysis in the Business Case as it will identify what the potential is to generate funds through fundraising and naming rights campaigns.
  2. Business Case Development: Complete a business case to analyze the strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management benefits/costs for the facility.  The business case will provide a summary of funds required to deliver the entire project, the economic impact to the community, procurement of services, project and planning management and how it aligns with the town’s strategic plan.  The business case will be fundamental in providing the necessary information for determining the phasing of the facility.
  3. Secure Development Site: Acquire land to sufficiently house the multi-use recreation facility, high school, parking and outdoor recreation spaces in the new town centre area.
  4. Partnership Engagement: Engage in partnership agreements, or Memorandums of Understanding, with any groups that wish to partner in the design and development of the facility.  The Town will pursue partnership engagements with Prairie Valley School Division for a high school and Communiskate regarding the arenas.
  5. Detailed Design & Phasing Package: The design process would include engaging a project manager, architects, engineers, and specialty consultants to develop contract documents and specifications.  The design documents could be completed to “tender-ready”, including a phasing strategy that would allow the town to begin construction as soon as the funds are secured for each phase.

The Business Case phase which includes the fundraising and sponsorship research is scheduled to be presented to Council Fall of 2019.