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How the Water & Sewer System Works

Water Meters

The town currently uses smart meters to measure water consumption.  The Town is in the process of installing these smart meters in all resident homes.  All new homes are required to have smart meters installed.  The meters we are using have a very high-reliability rate and where there is a problem it is usually a meter that is failing to account for all the water supplied to the home.  

How the Water  Sewer System Works

How the Town maintains the Water and Sewer System

The Town of White City purchases treated water from SaskWater at the water treatment plant located at 12 Ramm Avenue.

We are currently in the process of reviewing our agreement with SaskWater to assess whether purchasing the water treatment process from SaskWater can produce a positive effect on water and sewer rates without compromising the Town’s water quality and supply. This report is expected to be reviewed by Council in December 2017.

In 2015 and 2016, SaskWater completed a significant expansion to the Town's water treatment and storage capacity with an investment of over $7.0 million in the water treatment plant. The Town also upgraded the electrical, distribution and pumping systems to improve water flows throughout Town. For this, the Town invested over $600K. These system upgrades were necessary to continue to supply high-quality water to residents, with proper water pressure and expand the capacity of the plant to sustain a population of 5,500 people.

The Town operates its Water and Sewer Utility on a full cost recovery basis. As such, the water and sewer utility does not subsidize the Town's operating expenses nor do property taxes support the utility operations or its rates. Additionally, the Town adopted a policy of fully funding a water and sewer asset renewal fund, which means that when the Town's water or sewer lines, pumps and other systems require replacing, the Town will not use property taxes or borrowing to do so. The Town's long-term strategy will have the asset renewal funds pay for upgrading and replacing the water and sewer system.