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Driveways, Landscaping & Fences



A development permit is required in order to construct a driveway. Please include a plot plan detailing the location and measurements of the proposed driveway as a part of your application.

Before the driveway permit application is submitted to the Town of White City, it must first be approved by the developer.

All driveways are to be finished with an appropriate hard surface of concrete, asphalt or paving stone. Please note: no asphalt is allowed in Bower West Phase III.

All swales need to be staked by an engineer to ensure the proper grades are maintained.

For the Fairway, Emerald Creek and Bower West Subdivisions, please call Great Plains Leaseholds (306) 525-9516 to arrange for their engineer to stake the swale. The driveway entrance in these subdivisions shall not exceed 24 feet with an allowable four-foot flare on each side. Driveways cannot be constructed to the property line - there must be at least two feet of separation to allow for proper drainage to occur between properties. 

For the McKenzie Pointe, McKenzie Landing and McKenzie Lane Subdivisions, the driveway shall not exceed 24 feet with an allowable four-foot flare on each side. 

For the Garden of Eden Subdivision, the driveway entrance shall not exceed 30 feet with an allowable four-foot flare on each side. 

Driveways must be completed within two years after completion of the home. Please call Gary Schmidt (Manager of Public Works) at (306) 522-3848 before you proceed with your driveway plans. The Town must ensure the grades are proper before you can proceed.


Driveway Process 
  1. Have driveway plan approved by the developer.
  2. Submit Driveway Permit Application along with developer approved plot plan to the Town Office.
  3. The Town will inspect the property and locate the cleanout and curb stop as soon as the permit and plot plan are submitted. The curb stop will be tested by town staff to ensure it's working properly. The cleanouts and curb stops must be located prior to any driveway work commencing.
  4. Have driveway swale staked by an appropriate engineer.
  5. Call for site inspection prior to installing rebar (once framing is complete).  This is vital to allow town staff to inspect that the curb stop is set to elevation and the swale is appropriate for the natural drainage system. 
  6. Town staff will inform property owner or driveway contractor if there are any adjustments required, such as if the curb stop is bent or if it has been placed at an improper elevation (the curb stop must be 3" from finished grade elevation).

* Note: Some curb stops may be located outside of the driveway work, but they still must be inspected at the time of the driveway construction. 

Home owners must ensure driveway contractor obtains a Business License from the Town of White City.

Permits are not valid unless authorized by The Town of White City.

Driveway Permit


The Town of White City has a natural drainage plan. This means that yard, driveway, and home elevations are extremely important and must be maintained to engineered designs.

Do not proceed with any new or change any existing landscaping until you have had a property grade elevation certificate done by a reputable survey company. You can call the Town to check and see if there is a recent grade elevation certificate on file. 

All Landscaping plans need to be approved by the Town before they can be implemented.

Please refer to your restrictive covenant, if applicable, for more guidelines and restrictions for landscaping.

2017 Landscaping Requirements by Subdivision:
  • McKenzie Pointe
  • Bower West Phases 1 and 2
  • Bower West Phase 3
  • Garden of Eden - Call 306-781-2355 ext 232 or email for more information on landscaping in Garden of Eden.

Landscape Permit

  Landscape Inspection Form

Note: Inspections are made between May 30and September 30 weather permitting.
Submit Landscape Inspection Request Forms to


A building permit is required to build a fence in a residential area of the Town of White City.  All fences need the approval of the developer first before the fence permit application can be submitted to the Town of White City. When constructing a fence, it is recommended that you have your property surveyed. If your property is located on a corner lot, the height of the fence is restricted at the corner site line. Please check your title for a restrictive covenant concerning fences. 

The Zoning Bylaw governs the height restrictions in front, side and rear yards for each of the Zoning Districts within the Town of White City.

In Bower West, Garden of Eden and any new subdivisions coming forth, you will need a final grade certificate before constructing a fence. When approving the fence application, the Town must be able to ensure the grade of the property is maintained so the elevation of the fence is appropriate.  If you do not have a final grade certificate, either contact your home builder or the town for further instructions.

Permits will not be issued if your property grades are not to the subdivision plan.

Living fences created from plant material require frequent maintenance.  When placing young shrubs, allowances for mature size must be considered to prevent hedges from encroaching neighbouring property.

The use of barbwire in fence construction is prohibited in the Town of White City.

You must construct a fence around swimming pools - please see The Private Swimming Pool Bylaw No. 595-15 for more information.


Fence Heights:

  • The height of the fence is measured from the ground level immediately adjacent to the fence to the highest point of the fence.
  • The front yard is limited to 1.2m in height
  • Side and rear yard is limited to 1.85m in height.  The side yard begins at the front corner of the principal building.

Bower West
All fences in this area are to be approved by Great Plains Leaseholds before a Development Permit is issued. FENCES IN THESE AREAS MUST HAVE METAL POSTS AND THESE POSTS MUST BE CEMENTED INTO THE GROUND.  Submit a plot plan showing fence lines to Great Plains Leaseholds prior to filling out the Fence Permit Application. Permits are not valid unless authorized by The Town of White City.

McKenzie Pointe, McKenzie Landing, McKenzie Lane
All fencing material must preserve the view lines. Fences in the front yard of the house are not permitted.

Garden of Eden
Fencing in rear and side yards cannot exceed 6 feet. The fence cannot protrude past the front yard building line.

Fence Permit