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Development Appeals Board

Any permit application cannot be approved by the Development Officer if the application is in contravention of the Town of White City Zoning Bylaw No. 581-14

In the case where a development permit is denied by the Development Officer, the applicant has the right to appeal to the Development Appeals Board (DAB). 

The board's purpose is to resolve disagreements about the administration of the Zoning Bylaw under The Planning and Development Act, 2007 and is expected to be fair and impartial. The board has the responsibility to ensure the proper procedures are followed in decision making and that planning decisions made in error are corrected within a reasonable time frame. They must consider special or unusual circumstances and that granting of variances to the Zoning Bylaw is consistent with the objectives of the Zoning Bylaw and the policies of the Official Community Plan.  

If you choose to make an appeal, the application must be submitted to the secretary of the board (in writing) within 30 days of the receipt of the decision. The application should state the reasons for the appeal, summarize supporting facts and indicate the relief sought. Please note that a $50.00 filing fee must accompany the appeal application.

The board will hold a public hearing on the appeal within 30 days of receiving a notice of appeal. 

DAB Application


Previous DAB Decisions
Setback Variances
DAB Appeal No. Zoning District Development Type
03-21 R4 Detached Garage
02-21 R3 Detached Garage
01-21 R4 Detached Garage
01-20 R2 Detached Garage
05-19 R2 Detached Garage
05-18 R4 Single Detached Dwelling
03-18 R3 Detached Garage
01-18 R3 Addition
04-17 R4 Single Detached Dwelling
03-17 R3 Detached Garage
02-17 R4 Single Detached Dwelling
01-17 R4 Single Detached Dwelling Addition
04-16 R4 Single Detached Dwelling
02-16 R2 Detached Garage
01-16 R3 Detached Garage
05-15 R5 Deck
04-15 R4 Single Detached Dwelling
03-15 R4 Attached Garage
02-15 R7 Single Detached Dwelling
01-15 R7 Accessory Building
02-14 R1 Detached Garage
01-14 R7 Detached Garage
02-13 R1 Deck
01-13 R7 Detached Garage
06-12 R7 Single Detached Dwelling
05-12 R5 Single Detached Dwelling
04-12 R5 Attached Garage
02-12 R3 Detached Garage
03-11 R2 Detached Garage
02-11 R12 Accessory Building
01-11 R3 Detached Garage


Building Area (Size) Variances
DAB Appeal No. Zoning District Development Type
02-20 R5 Detached Garage
01-20 R2 Detached Garage
04-19 R5 Detached Garage
03-19 R2 Detached Garage
02-19 R2 Detached Garage
01-19 R3 Detached Garage
03-12 R2 Detached Garage


Height Variance
DAB Appeal No. Zoning District Development Type
01-20 R2 Detached Garage
01-19 R3 Detached Garage
06-17 R2 Fence
03-13 R7 Detached Garage
01-12 R1 Detached Garage


Other Appeals 
DAB Appeal No. Zoning District Development Type
06-19 R4 Driveway
03-16 R4 Sea Can