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Welcome back fellow residents of White City, and those reading from the surrounding area, for the July 2021 edition of the White City Councillor Blog.  I am Councillor Scott Moskal and I’ve been a member of council since 2016.  I am honoured and humbled to have been re-elected in 2020 to represent the residents of our great community.

The White City Fire Department (WCFD) is the focus for this month’s blog.  WCFD serves White City, Emerald Park and the surrounding region, it is made up of dedicated men and women that are our neighbours, local business owners, and/or community leaders that will respond to any emergency day or night.  The value that a highly trained and professional fire department brings to any community is immeasurable and, speaking from personal experience, a service you never want to call on but are happy and safe knowing it is there for you.

On June 10th, 2019 I awoke to my wife, Lyndsay, breathing very deep and loud – ten seconds later she went into a full seizure.  I dialed 911 and was told help was on the way.  When Lyndsay began to regain consciousness, she was disoriented and incoherent, the 911 operator instructed me to stay with her and reassured me that help was on the way.  Within five minutes one of the WCFD First Responders, Murray, was there to assist me and assure and secure Lyndsay.  Two minutes later, another White City first responder, Perry, was at our door.  I couldn’t be thankful enough that in the dead of the night these two neighbours were ready and at our home to help.  Murray and Perry stabilized Lyndsay and prepared her for EMS transport.  More importantly, they were there to support me and my family and bring calm and comfort to a chaotic and traumatic situation.

To add to an already incredible response, Murray, who lives just down the street, demonstrated the most amazing and extreme example of kindness and compassion I have ever witnessed or experienced.  Prior to EMS arriving, Murray asked me to pack my children’s overnight bags.  He offered to take them to his home, feed them breakfast and get them to school the next morning so that I would be able to travel with Lyndsay to the hospital.  This is the benefit of the small town feel and close-knit community that exists in White City.  The amount of anxiety and stress I was feeling prior to this moment was immediately fractionalized.

Murray was able to get our daughters back to sleep shortly after they left our house that evening.  When I picked up my daughters from school the next day, they shared how much fun they had at Murray’s house. Hee had made them a full breakfast and dropped them off at school, even though his children attended the other elementary school.  The kindness and compassion my family were gifted by the WCFD is what made what could have been a deeply traumatic experience for our children into a minor inconvenience.  After a barrage of tests and months of analysis there is no clear cause of Lyndsay’s seizures, and she is still being treated two years later.

I would like to whole-heartedly share my gratitude for the WCFD firefighters and first responders who dedicate their time and their hearts to serving our community.   The emergency services are available for our residents when they are needed, however we have to remember this didn’t come about overnight.  The White City Fire Department has been growing, expanding and serving the broader community over the past 40 years and has grown into a thriving, well trained, well equipped and prepared service provider in our community.  It takes many years of hard work, teamwork, preparedness and training to reach the level of dedication and expertise we are lucky to have in our local fire department.

I can sleep soundly knowing that our community and my family are well-protected by our fire department and first responders.  They are always prepared for the next event and we take comfort that there is a neighbour who is committed to lending a helping hand wherever and whenever they are needed. 

Recently, WCFD announced they will be taking their training to the next level by beginning training and certification for all members at a NFPA 1001 Level 1-2.  This certification is a professional designation recognized provincially and internationally with standards used in career fire departments.  This will help the 28 members of our department be even more prepared for the next event.  Even though we all hope it isn’t our home, or business or family member that will need the help of the WCFD. I can say I whole heartedly trust and am confident that if I have to make another 911 call that me, my family, my neighbours and my community will be in the best possible hands.

I would also like to thank our community and our local businesses for the high level of support, gratitude and appreciation that the White City Fire Department receives on a regular basis.  I encourage all residents in our community to share their experiences, thoughts and thanks for our local fire department.

If you have any questions, have a comment, want more information or want to suggest a topic for a future blog please email or call 306-781-2355 – we look forward to hearing from you!

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