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Council Committees

The Town of White City conducts its business through a committee structure. There is one main committee of council: the Committee of the Whole. The purpose of the Committee of the Whole (the committee) is the to be the primary forum for policy debate and public input on items within the council’s area of responsibility. The committee provides an opportunity for all members of council to participate in discussion and debate that results in final recommendations to council. The committee is to consider the financial, risk and operational impact of policies, programs and actions, and to recommend to council the adjustments required to make the best use of the town’s resources.

Once the committee has considered information from town staff and advisory groups, a recommended course of action is prepared for council to consider. The recommendation is forwarded to all of council for an official decision at a regular or special council meeting.


 Committee of the Whole

Committee Scope:

The committee is established to review and make recommendations to council for all reports coming from municipal departments:
(1) Business Operations;
(2) Finance;
(3) Fire Services;
(4) Governance & Legislative Services;
(5) Parks, Recreation & Culture;
(6) Planning & Development;
(7) Public Works; and
(8) The Office of the Town Manager.
Membership of the committee is comprised of the mayor and all members of council.  The Town Manager and department heads shall attend all committee meetings on an ex-officio basis, except when the committee chooses otherwise. Other administrative members or members of the public may be invited to attend at the discretion of the committee to advise and provide information when required.

The Committee of the Whole meets bi-weekly, to access meeting and agendas please click here. 

Community and Regional Boards or Committees

The Town of White City participates in a number of boards or committees serving the community and region. Council members are appointed to represent White City on each of the boards and committees. Each representative reports to a council committee with a corresponding mandate, as illustrated below:
White City Local Library Board

Full-Time: Councillor Kris Moen
Alternate: Deputy Mayor Rebecca Otitoju

WCRM158 Wastewater Mangement Authority 

Full-Time: Mayor Brian Fergusson
Full-Time: Councillor Hal Zorn
Full-Time: Councillor Bill Krzysik
Alternate: Councillor Scott Moskal

White Butte Regional Emergency Measure Organization Committee

Full-Time: Councillor Hal Zorn
Alternate: Councillor Scott Moskal

White Butte RCMP Regional Stakeholder Committee

Full-Time: Councillor Hal Zorn
Alternate: Councillor Bill Krzysik

White City Museum Board

Full-Time: Deputy Mayor Rebecca Otitoju

Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Advisory Group

Full-Time: Deputy Mayor Rebecca Otitoju
Full-Time: Councillor Scott Moskal
Ex-Officio: Mayor Brian Fergusson

Multi-Use Recreation Centre Project Board

Full-Time: Councillor Andrew Boschman
Full-Time: Councillor Kris Moen
Full-Time: Councillor Bill Krzysik

Please contact an appointed representative if you'd like more information about the work being undertaken by a community or regional board or committee.