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Adjudicative & Advisory Committees

Adjudicative Committees

There are 2 adjudicative committees responsible for determining matters related to assessment and development appeals.  Members of this committee are appointed for a two-year term.  Board of Revision members’ appointments expires December 31, 2019.  The Development Appeals Board member appointments expire for some members December 31, 2019, and others December 31, 2020.  DAB member appointments are staggered to provide continuity of decision-making on the Board. Adjudicative Committees are available to residents to become members. List of current Adjudicative Committees:

  • Board of Revision
  • Development Appeals Board

Advisory Committee

There is 1 advisory committee that provides advice to Council and staff on specifically mandated areas of interest and contributes to the development of policies, programs, and initiatives. The Advisory committee is composed mainly of volunteers, appointed by Council. The Transportation Advisory Committee was appointed by Council on April 8, 2019, and the member's term on this committee expires December 31, 2019. Advisory Committees are available to residents to become members. List of current Advisory Committees:


Adjudicative & Advisory Committees

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