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Committees & Boards

As it is impractical for every issue to go to a full council meeting, councils delegate many matters to committees for review.  Committees of Council exist to do the more detailed work of Council.  While committees do not have direct decision-making authority it’s work does provide the basis of a recommended action for Council.  Employing a committee structure reduces the need to discuss at length the detailed elements of the issue under consideration at regular Council meetings and provides the opportunity for Council to focus on public representations and more strategic considerations. 

Committee Structures

Within Council’s procedural bylaw (600-16), Council has established a process by which Committee members are appointed every two years.  In the previous Terms of Council, three types of committees were established. Standing Council Committees are for Council members only and Adjudicative and Advisory Committees are available to residents to become members. 

At the November 28, 2016 meeting, Council appointed members to Committees of Council with some committees having more than 3 members appointed.  The following list was developed in consultation with Mayor Evans and is designed to ensure all council members have relatively equal responsibility for the Town’s policy matters. 

Standing Council Committees

At the beginning of each Term of Council, Council appoints standing council committees made up of Councillors to study specific issues of the council, represent council to regional and other groups, and monitor the activities of the municipality. Standing Council Committees are for Council members only. List of current Standing Council Committees:

  • Finance and Administration Committee
  • Buffalo Plains Emergency Communications System (BPECS) Representative
  • Culture, Parks and Recreation
  • Emergency Measures
  • Environmental Services
  • Library Board
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Planning and Development
  • Protective Services
  • Prairie Valley School Division (PVSD)
  • Utilities
  • White Butte Regional Planning Committee
  • White Butte Fire Commission
  • WCRM158 Wastewater Authority

Standing Council Committees

Adjudicative Committees

There are 2 adjudicative committees responsible for determining matters related to assessment and development appeals.  Members of this committee are appointed for a two-year term.  Board of Revision members’ appointments expires April 4, 2018.  The Development Appeals Board member appointments expire for some members April 7, 2017, others February 23, 2017, and others April 4, 2019.  DAB member appointments are staggered to provide continuity of decision-making on the Board. Adjudicative Committees are available to residents to become members. List of current Adjudicative Committees:

  • Board of Revision
  • Development Appeals Board
Advisory Committees

There are 2 advisory committees that provide advice to Council and staff on specifically mandated areas of interest and contribute to the development of policies, programs, and initiatives. Advisory committees are composed mainly of volunteers, appointed by Council. Council will be required to ratify the appointment of the Recreation Board as the executive officers were selected in October 2016. The Transportation Advisory Committee was appointed by Council on June 27, 2016, and the member's term on this committee expires June 27, 2018. Advisory Committees are available to residents to become members. List of current Advisory Committees:

  • Recreation Board
  • Transportation Advisory Committee

Adjudicative & Advisory Committees

Council Committees  Boards

Contact Us if you are interested in joining any of the Adjudicative and/or Advisory Committees.