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Business Licenses

Planning to take the leap and start your own home-based business or are you a commercial business operating on land within the Town? Wonderful! 

Business LicensesWhite City is a hotbed of entrepreneurialism! Whether you’re a craftsperson wanting to sell hand-carved corncob dolls out of your living room or an accountant hoping to deduct the office grind from your life, you must apply for a license before conducting business in our community.  

If you're planning on running a business out of your home, fill out the Home-Based Business Application and Business License Application forms then email them over to the Development Officer at least two weeks before the next council meeting. We'll acknowledge your application and contact residents within 75 metres of your home to see if they have any concerns (sorry, no basement fireworks factories, folks!). After allowing time for neighbour submissions, council will review your application and let you know if your business is ready for launch. We'll send an email confirmation if your business has been approved and let you know what your license fee is for the year. Business Certificates will be held at the town office until payment of license is received by either debit, cash or cheque.

For both resident and non-resident contractors and other business venturists, no need to fill out the home-based business application. Simply submit the Business License Application to the Town of White City, including the required fee, and the town will mail you your business license when it's been approved.

A friendly reminder to all existing businesses that Business License renewals are due by February 28, 2021. Thank you for growing our town! 

Business LicensesThe town recently adopted a new Business License Bylaw No. 646-19 to replace the previous Business License Bylaw.

This new bylaw features some notable updates, such as:

  • New license fees have been adopted. The fees can be found on the Business License Application form.
  • Business license renewals and the corresponding fees are due February 28, 2021.
  • Any renewals received after the renewal deadline are subject to a late license renewal fee.
  • Annual mandatory fire inspections are required for care homes, day care or other businesses responsible for children or those individuals with special needs.

To review all of the updates/changes, a copy of the new bylaw can be viewed at https://whitecity.ca/pages/bylaws