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2018 Annexation Proposal: One Community. One Voice.

The Town of White City (town) has presented our official restructuring proposal and request for complementary resolution to the RM of Edenwold No. 158 on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

To view the full restructuring proposal, click here.

The town will be holding a public hearing for all residents in the proposed boundary alteration area on:

Wednesday June 05, 2019
7:00 p.m.
White City Community Centre
12 Ramm Avenue East, White City, SK

Click here to see the public notice.

For any additional questions regarding the Restructuring Proposal, please contact the Town of White City Office at 306-781-2355 or

Have questions?  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, if you can't find your question here just let us know and we would be happy to help.

For more information and to download the proposal and additional documents, visit one-community.ca.


2015 Annexation

The Town of White City and the RM of Edenwold negotiated a Boundary Alteration Agreement throughout 2013, 2014, and concluding in 2015.

2015 Boundary Alteration Agreement

There were 10 items that were mutually agreed to by both the Town of White City and the RM of Edenwold.  The table below outlines the status of those items:



1. The following lands are to be excluded from this boundary alteration agreement;

Parcel M, Plan No. 101411783, Surface Parcel No. 150318312
Portion of the NW¼ 14-17-18 W2M. Surface Parcel No. 153940383
Portion of the NW¼ 14-17-18 W2M, Surface Parcel No. 150318301

2. The Town agrees to remove that portion currently identified in the Future Land Use Map as Commercial/Light Industrial Urban Development north of Highway No. 1.The amendment to the OCP recieved first reading at the December 2, 2018 council meeting, more information on that report can be found here.  A public hearing on the amendment is scheduled for January 14, 2019.
3. The Town agrees to construct and pave the portion of Emerald Park Road that is within the Town's jurisdiction, and is not currently under contract with a developer to pave, at the same time that Betteridge Road is paved. The RM agrees to pay for 42 % of the costs to construct and pave that portion of Emerald Park Road. The Town agrees to repay that 42 % to the RM as the lands adjacent to Emerald Park Road are developed and fees are collected. Construction of Emerald Park Road is to be jointly tendered by the Town and the RM and to commence in 2017.
4. That portion of Betteridge Road from White City Drive west to the Viterra Road is to be jointly tendered and construct by the Town and the RM and to commence in 2017. The Town will pay for the 1.5 mile portion in the Town's jurisdiction and 25 % of the cost to construct the ½ mile in the RM's jurisdiction. The RM agrees to repay that 25 % to the Town as the lands south of that½ mile get developed and fees are collected. It is understood that paving these roads is beneficial for both jurisdictions and that there are no plans or current interest to develop the south side of the last½ mile in the foreseeable future.The Town and the RM proceeded with geotechnical work and preliminary design of the road. Final design and construction of the road was held until such time as the new developer for the Town Centre received approval from Saskatchewan Community Planning for their subdivision plans. In early September, Council approved a concept plan for the Town Centre and the developer is finalizing the design of the subdivision for submission to Saskatchewan Community Planning and Council.
5. The Town agrees to work jointly with the RM on mutual concerns regarding drainage and drainage management. The RM has paid$ 48,000.00 for a Drainage Study for those lands affected in the surrounds of Emerald Park Road. The map attached hereto in Schedule "B" provides percentages of the improvements and drainage benefits to the RM and to the Town in a rate of 65% 135%. respectively. Based on that percentage the Town agrees to pay 35% of the total cost of the Drainage Works. The total cost to include cost of the study, cost of the development of the drainage and maintenance.

The Town of White City has paid 35% of the RM's drainage study.  The Town of White City and the RM have not been able to agree to the best option to prevent flooding to the west of Aspen Village Estates.  This article remains outstanding pending an agreement on this matter.

6. The Town agrees to pay the RM tax loss compensation in the amount of 15 times the 2015 municipal taxes levied to a total of$63,867.00 within 30 days of the Ministerial approvalComplete. Payment was made November 2015.
7. Any tax arrears owing to the RM ofEdenwold No. 158 at the end of December 2015 with respect to the lands, be paid by the Town of White City to the RM ofEdenwold No. 158; and further any and all arrears and penalties be transferred to and become payable to the Town of White City.Complete. This was completed in December of 2015.
8. The Town of White City and the RM of Edenwold No. 158 agree the effective date of the boundary alteration is the date the boundary alteration is approved by the Ministry of Government Relations, and the effective date for taxation for the Town of White City is to be January 1, 2016.Complete.
9. The Town and the RM agree to proceed with developing an inter-municipal agreement to form the basis of any future boundary alterations within the Joint Management Planning Area as identified in the Town's Future Land Use Map attached hereto in Schedule "C".In late 2016 and early 2017, the Town requested the RM to begin to work towards and agreement on this article. The RM’s response was that it wanted to focus on Items 5 firstly before any discussions were to be held. No further progress has been made on this article.
10. The Town agrees to not pursue the incorporation of the W ½ 15-17-18 W2 into White City in the future.Leaving these lands out of the proposed annexation area would create an rural island within the new urban municipality, thus this quarter section was included for consistency in planning and development, transportation and infrastructure development.