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To keep White City streets safe and our properties peaceful, the Town depends on the Commissionaires to patrol the region and to make sure bylaws are being followed.

As you probably know, because we’re kind of sticklers about this, parking is not allowed on White City streets. For extreme circumstances, check out our parking tips and regulations.

The Commissionaires will give drivers who park on the street a warning. If drivers don’t move their vehicle for an extended period of time, especially if they leave it overnight, they will get a $40 ticket. (If payment is received within 5 days the penalty will be reduced to $10.00). Tickets are payable at the Town Office, and although we’d love to see you, we’d rather it be for something else!

Towing & Impounding

Bylaw 587-15 Section 6.

6. Impounding

a. Any member of the police force, Peace Officer or other person appointed by Council may remove or cause to be removed any vehicle that is unlawfully placed, left or kept on any street or lane, public parking place, or other public place such a park or any other Town-owned property, and to impound or store such vehicle.

b. Where a vehicle has been impounded or stored after it has been removed under Subsection (a), it may be retained at a place designated by Council for a period of thirty (30) days from date of removal unless the cost of removal, impounding and storage are sooner paid. Upon payment of the full costs herein, the vehicle may be released to the owner thereof.

c. If the costs of removal, impounding and storage are not paid within the period of thirty days as specified in Subsection (b), the municipality shall have the right to recover same from the owner of the vehicle by:

i. legal action in a court of competent jurisdiction;

ii. sale by public auction on publication of a notice designating the time and place of sale at least ten days prior to the sale in a newspaper circulating in the municipality and on sending such notice by registered mail to the owner at the address appearing on the last registration of the vehicle.