Consumption of Alcohol in Outdoor Spaces Bylaw

The Government of Saskatchewan has passed Bill 124 which includes an Act to amend The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997. The amendments included provisions for municipalities, such as the Town of White City (the Town), to, by bylaw, designate an outdoor public place, or part of an outdoor public place, as a place where beverage alcohol may be consumed. 

During a special council meeting on June 29, 2023, White City Town Council passed a bylaw to allow for the consumption of beverage alcohol in designated outdoor spaces. With the adoption of the bylaw, the Town will be launching a pilot program during the Summer of 2023 to allow the consumption of beverage alcohol in designated spaces in Serbu Park during specific events which will allow residents to bring their own beverage alcohol to consume. 



These events include: 

  • White City Slo-Pitch League 

  • White City Council Barbeque; and 

  • White City Movie in the Park.

As noted, this is a pilot program.  In October 2023 a review will be conducted to gauge the success of the bylaw. Following the review the bylaw could be amended to include additional spaces, events or times. The review would include, but is not limited to, analysis of the following criteria: 

  1. public perception and support/disapproval of the bylaw to be gauged through public consultation; 

  1. the number of incidents reported to, or observed by, the Town’s Community Safety Officer or the RCMP; 

  1. the number of charges laid by the Town’s Community Safety Officer or the RCMP; and 

  1. any issues identified by administration or the public that arise during the six-month period. 

The Report to Council and Bylaw can be read here.

We are accepting all feedback during the pilot program – please submit your feedback here.