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Rebecca Otitoju




Joined Council in 2012


Originally from Nigeria, Councillor Rebecca Otitoju and her husband of 41 years, James, have been hands-on members of the White City community for more than 15 years. The mother of four and grandmother of nine, as well as the volunteer coordinator and co-founder/senior pastor of White City’s Ambassadors for Christ Church, Rebecca is an expert at striking the right balance between work and life, family and community


No matter where in the world life has taken her, Rebecca has made it a priority to participate in the community she calls home. Never one to sit on the sidelines, she decided to run for Council in 2012 as a way of giving her passion and dedication to the Town of White City. Rebecca has been involved with the Museum/Ecomuseum project from the very beginning and she’s proud of the relationships that have grown between the Town and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and the University of Regina in the name of the White Butte Museum.


Part of the lure of White City is the sense of home it provides through its small town concept and the spirit of camaraderie between neighbours. So while Rebecca hopes the community continues to grow into a city, she knows Council has a responsibility to maintain White City’s security and low-cost, high-quality services in the future. She’s hopeful the town centre project will become a reality that successfully blends the urban idea of downtown with the small town serenity of the village square.


When Rebecca isn’t pioneering a new project, dispensing motherly wisdom or taking care of the needs of her Church, she can often be found trying to convince callers that in spite of her deep voice, she is Rebecca and not James! Although she has had to show up in person in the past to prove she was who she said she is, Rebecca takes it in stride, figuring the deep voice is just the byproduct of living most of her life with her husband and their four sons.