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Howard Slack

Deputy Mayor



Joined Council in 2000


Deputy Mayor Howard Slack was born and raised in Alameda, Saskatchewan. In 1975, with his wife Mavis by his side, he purchased one of White City’s famous sprawling lots. They began construction on what was to be their family home in October of that year, and by May 1976, it was ready for move in! Howard and Mavis raised three children in their handmade home, and watched White City grow from a village into a town.


Keeping White City safe and secure means a lot to Howard, that’s why he trained as a firefighter, and his commitment to protecting the town is why Council came to him in 1981 to ask him to set up a volunteer fire department. Howard stood guard as White City fire chief for many years.


In 2000, Howard was elected to Council and appointed Deputy Mayor, a position he has held ever since. Although he had a new position, his commitment to the safety and security of White City and its residents remained, and Howard takes a particular interest in highway safety, maintaining the streets and roads in and around town, developing a central gravity sewer system and working with the R.M. of Edenwold to expand the town’s water treatment facilities. Recognizing that the future of the growing community lies in the hands of its very youngest residents, Howard hopes to see a high school built to accompany the recently opened second elementary school.


Howard has high hopes for the rapidly expanding region, and he wants to see White City, Emerald Park and Park Meadow Estates merge into one thriving community. He sees working together as the best way to meet the challenges that come with fast-paced growth.


When Howard isn’t hard at work keeping White City safe, he’s busy singing the praises of the town’s employees, volunteers, committees and community organizations for the work they do to keep White City the safe, warm, friendly community we all know and love.