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Library: Preschool Storytime

White City Library

Library: Preschool Storytime

All preschool children (and Kindergarten children not at school) are welcome, with their caregivers.

Please feel free to join in as much/little as your child is able. Even sitting for a few minutes is a start. Rather than worrying about disturbing our session, feel free to remove your child is necessary and take a walk in the hall, play quietly with the toys,etc. We all have to start somewhere!

We do post pictures of StoryTime on our Facebook page, so please sign the media release at the front desk. We do not post names. If you do not want your child's picture on our page, please let me know. You may have to remind me each week for a while as we have lots of children.

As of October 1, 2021 - we will require proof of vaccination for patrons entering the library.

Please Note:

For the month of October: We will have the button maker at the library. You are welcome to make a button after StoryTime. Please bring a picture (the face(s) should be approx 1.5 inches)