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Fernwood Park

Fernwood Park, White City, SK

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  • Size - 2.64 ac

  • High volume Neighborhood Park located in the Wheatland Subdivision.

  • Connected to the main walkways and trails, and is one of the primary parks for residents that inhabit the oldest section of White City.

  • Large play structure for youth, and the town’s tennis / pickleball courts.

  • Two access points and is heavily treed with established deciduous trees.

  • Three park benches staged throughout the park and one garbage receptacle with waste bags for pets attached for resident use.

  • The tennis/pickleball courts are open seasonally and are very popular with our adult residents. There is one full size tennis court and two full size pickleball courts. Both courts can be converted over to either sport set up as there are removeable net posts present if the need arises.

  • The Court can be booked by contacting the recreation director.




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Fernwood Park
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