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Waterline Repairs - Kingsmere Avenue

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Waterline Repairs - Kingsmere Avenue

UPDATE - November 24, 2020

The water line repairs have been completed in the Kingsmere Avenue area - a precautionary boil water advisory is not required at this time.  Please note that due to flushing of the line there may be temporary water discolouration - this is not harmful.  Public Works recommends running the cold water in your bathtub for 3-5 minutes to flush out any discolouration.

Please be advised White City Public Works will performing emergency repairs on the town's waterline in the Kingsmere Avenue area on Tuesday November 24, 2020.

Town crews will be in the area and a portion of the road will be closed to all traffic during the repair.

Residents at #12-19 and #23-25 Kingsmere Avenue and #2 and #38 Ridgedale Bay will experience intermittent water service interruption beginning at 9:00 a.m. and is expected to last until 2:30 p.m. It is highly anticipated that these service addresses will be placed under a precautionary boil water advisory following the repairs. If the Water Security Agency declares a precautionary boil water advisory the town will hand deliver a notice to each residence affected by the advisory.

To lift the boil water advisory, the town will require access to two, or more, homes for testing between November 24-26, if you will be home during the day during these dates please contact the town to arrange for water testing. This helps us quickly test the water to ensure there are no contaminants and quickly lift the boil water advisory.


  • If possible, avoid the area when travelling.
  • Water service will be shut off to #12-19 and #23-25 Kingsmere Avenue and #2 and #38 Ridgedale Bay during the repairs, consider finding an alternative water source during this time.
  • A boil water advisory is anticipated, the town will physically post more information on the front doors of all affected properties.


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