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Today is Geographic Information System Day!

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Today is Geographic Information System Day!

November 18, 2020 is GIS (Geographic Information System) Day!

The purpose of this globally recognized day is to promote and highlight how GIS is used by organizations for the betterment of their community. In celebration of GIS Day, we want to share some of the unique ways the Town of White City’s Planning and Development Department uses this amazing software to help serve our community.

GIS is a significant tool that allows analysis of geographic data from a variety of sources for use in spatial analysis. Regardless of how large or small a municipality is, when planning a community we must deal with spatial information that includes parcel, location, dimensions, ownership, zoning, land use, transportation, municipal facilities, reserves and natural resource indicators.

The Planning and Development Department has constructed a geographical information database or municipal infrastructure database that holds attributes of each individual property with information such as land ownership, civic address, municipal zoning regulations, public/private utilities, street characteristics, amenities and much more. The database brings time savings benefits, increased accuracy, productivity, and revenue, and contributes to better decision making for council and administration.

A clear example on the advantages of the GIS database in the town is when there is an immediate necessity to find the exact location of water valve or shut-off in the event of a water line break. Without the digital, ready to access database, the process becomes a significant task that starts with reviewing multiple hard copy files. Our Public Works Department can now locate the water valve or shut-off right in the field with the use of cellphone or tablet, cutting the response time significantly, with a higher level of accuracy.

Join us in celebration of GIS Day and our community.