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Vision, Mission and Planning Policies of the Town

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Vision, Mission and Planning Policies of the Town

Please see the following direct links to the Town's Official Community Plan, Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan and Strategic Plan. For ease of access, we have highlighted these sections of the website below for your convenience. 

Official Community Plan > >

The purpose of an Official Community Plan is to provide a comprehensive planning policy framework to guide the physical, environmental, economic, social and cultural development of the municipality or any part of the municipality.

Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan > > 

The Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan is the guiding document that gives direction to the development of the cultural and entertainment centre of White City and Emerald Park.  Services and cultural amenities are proposed uses for the Town Centre. Multi-use civic facilities for performing arts, gallery space, community space and general entertainment space combined with facilities such as the library, museum, fieldhouse, indoor swimming pool, and track, will support and enhance this great community.

Strategic Plan > >

The 2017-2022 Strategic Plan provides a comprehensive view of this community’s vision and priorities and the goals we aim to accomplish over the next 5 years. This plan will assist Council in determining which actions it will take to achieve the growth and service vision we have for this community.