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Spring Clean Up Bins

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Spring Clean Up Bins

Clean Up Bins are now available at the White City Splash Park.

Notice to residents: Please do not overfill the bins, if the bin is full please hold on to your items. Public Works is monitoring the bins and calling Loraas to arrange for pick up as soon as they’re full.

Overloading the bins, as seen in the photo, causes delays in pick up and pulls our Public Works crew from other jobs to empty the overfilled bin before Loraas will empty the bins. That means delays for you and your fellow residents.

Please do not dump large items such as:
Large Items (Couches, etc.)
Hazardous Materials
Propane Tanks

Public Works has been having the same issue with the Grass Clipping Bin located at Serbu Park, please note that this bin is for Grass Clippings, Garden Waste, and Leaves only, please do not dump garden waste or branches in this bin. If the bin is full, please return later to drop off your grass clippings and do not leave bagged grass clippings beside the bin.

Loraas Disposal also offers a home composting bin for the season that is picked up weekly, please contact them directly to make arrangements at 306-721-1000.