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SaskPower Outage Update

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SaskPower Outage Update

Update – Project Progress

In June, SaskPower started collecting data from residents in the area on power reliability with flickering lights and frequent outages. They we committed to sharing updates on how they are working to determine what is causing the problem so they can solve it.

SaskPower has:

·  Expanded tree trimming into rural locations outside Emerald Park and White City, where trees near lines have the potential to impact the area.

·  Continuing to monitor the information that is provided by the voltage recorders that have been installed on some residents’ homes.

·  Continuing to inspect our transmission equipment to determine if there is any relationship between this system and the power issues in the area.

We have also installed wildfire protection on our equipment in the area. This will help prevent birds and animals from causing damage, which creates outages and other problems.

What can you do?

They want to hear from you! SaskPower is requesting White City residents to call 310-2220 (the SaskPower Outage Centre) if your power is out or you are experiencing flickering lights or unusual power to your home.

The more information they collect from the community, the easier and faster it will be to find the solution!

Read the full update from SaskPower here.