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Sanitary Scope and Clean of Bower West III Sewer System

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Sanitary Scope and Clean of Bower West III Sewer System

The Town of White City will be performing a Sewer Scope and Cleaning in the Bower West III Area on Monday March 12th weather permitting.

This will affect residents on the following streets:
Cambridge Bay
Churchill Crescent
College Crescent
Emerald Hill Drive
76-128 Emerald Ridge East
27-59 Lott Road East
Motherwell Drive
Oxford Bay
Princeton Drive
Stanford Bay
Stanford Road
Yale Place

Residents should be aware that some homes may experience temporary sewer smells, gurgling in the toilet bowl, splashing of water out of the toilet bowl, and in some cases a suction of their home service line removing all the water in the toilet bowls and traps within the lower levels of the house. These occurrences are a normal process, resulting from the high pressure required to scour the sewer lines.

Public Works recommends residents to cap or cover basement floor drains to avoid smells, keep all toilet lids closed, and if you do experience suction removing water from your toilets and traps, run water to fill your traps back up, as this is the reason the smell is allowed to enter your home. To prevent sewer smells from your floor drain residents can cap the floor drain or place a garbage bag over the drain and duct tape the edges to create an airtight seal. The Town realizes this may cause temporary issues, but the benefits of a clean properly draining sewer system insures residents of no costly sewer backups, due to line blockages.