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Public Notice of Open House

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Public Notice of Open House

Information session regarding the Baseball Field Relocation Project

TAKE NOTICE that the Town of White City will be holding an Open House regarding the Baseball Field Relocation Project. The purpose of this Open House is to introduce the project and encourage the general public to review and provide valuable input to the Town of White City.

The Open House will be held:
Thursday May 24th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Hall A at the White City Community Centre

An Open House is an informal event and a great tool for information exchange. This is an opportunity for the public to gather information, provide input and ask questions to municipal staff. Staff are also given an opportunity to gauge the opinion of residents. Open Houses are
casual and allow flexible hours for residents to visit the event at their convenience. There is no formal presentation but a chance for municipal staff and the public to interact freely.

A formal Public Hearing will be held in the future prior to council proceeding with this project. A Public Hearing is a legally required meeting at which a proposed action or project is presented with a possible solution, and reactions are received from the floor. This is a formal event where participants usually read from or submit prepared statements.

Anyone may attend the Open House and/or provide written comments. The Town of White City encourages residents to offer their input as the process continues.

A copy of the information provided at the Open House will be available on our website following the event.

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