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Please Pick-Up after your Pets

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Please Pick-Up after your Pets

Dogs are definitely Man's Best Friend but unfortunately they can't understand Town Bylaws, that's why we ask their Human best friends to read up on the rules and make sure they are being a responsible pet owner and neighbour. Town of White City Bylaws require all dogs over the age of three months to be registered with the Town. Owner's are also required to immediately pick up any defecations made on public property or private property, without consent of the owner of the property. Dog owners are also responsible to maintain clean yards by picking up defecations from the Owner' property in a timely manner. Please make sure you are disposing of your dog waste in a sanitary manner, the town has garbage recepticals on the majority of walking paths or we ask that you hold on to your waste until you arrive home. We also ask that dog owners keep their dogs leashed at all times, it is in contravention of the bylaw to allow your dog to run at large which includes off leash. We ask this for the safety of your dog as well as other residents and their dogs.

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