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Municipal Water Supply - Lead Concerns

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Municipal Water Supply - Lead Concerns

Recently we have been answering questions related to concerns about lead in municipal water supplies. The town's water distribution system uses PVC pipes, there are no lead pipes in the town's distribution system.

The most recent water quality test conducted by SaskWater can be found on on our Water Quality page.  The May 2019 test shows that there was 0.3 micrograms/L in the treated water at the plant. This is well below the Saskatchewan guideline level of 10 micrograms/L.

The Town of White City Water Utility has two divisions, water treatment and water distribution. The White City Water Treatment Plant is owned and operated by SaskWater, a crown corporation that provides reliable and professional water services to municipalities across Saskatchewan. Water distribution, meaning how the water gets from the treatment plant to your home, is owned by the Town of White City.

If residents have questions about how your water is treated, including the processes and tests conducted on a regular basis by SaskWater, they can contact SaskWater via their toll-free number 1-888-230-1111.

If you have any additional questions on the distribution of water in the town, please contact the town office and we will be happy to help.