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McKenzie Pointe Tree Planting

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McKenzie Pointe Tree Planting

This past weekend residents of McKenzie Pointe and the Town of White City planted 160 trees between McKenzie Pointe and Highway 48. White City and residents of McKenzie Point began working together beginning Fall 2020 on a tree planting plan located directly behind McKenzie Pointe to reduce traffic noise and increase the aesthetic appeal of the neighbourhood.

Please mind the trees and ensure that ATV riders in your family are aware and avoid the new trees as they get established in their new home.

The partnership aligns with the town’s goal to continue adding into one of its most valuable assets: White City’s Urban Forest.

Learn more about the urban forest project.

An Urban Forest Management Strategy is a project highlighted in White City’s 2021 Annual Budget. The strategy is being developed to support the town’s urban forest, maintain and renew trees in the community. The town’s request for proposals for the development of an Urban Forest Management Strategy closed April 1, 2021 and the strategy is expected to be complete in 2021.

“Trees live a long time and need to be carefully planned for and managed, we also need to have a plan in place to replace trees that may be lost due to age, weather and other causes,” said Town Planner Mauricio Jiménez. “White City’s Urban Forest is an extremely valuable asset to our community and provides many valuable ecosystem services including improving air quality, controlling floods, beautifying neighbourhoods, reducing energy use, providing a habitat for wildlife and providing recreation opportunities.”