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Frequent Power Outages

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Frequent Power Outages

Experienced a power outage this summer?

The Town reached out to SaskPower to see what's been darkening our summer.  

SaskPower provided us with some great information on Powering our Community.  Click here for more information.

Here are some of the ongoing on future project SaskPower has in the works to make sure our community experiences less outages:

  • Transmission line rebuild: a transmission line in the area first built in 1955 received a $15 million rebuild, completed in June 2019. This line feeds several communities and industrial customers in Pilot Butte, White City/Emerald Park, Balgonie and Fort Qu’Appelle.
  • Express feeder build: a brand new “feeder” line, which distributes power from Regina to over half of the White City/Emerald Park area was built in 2018 for $1.1 million. This means customers in the area are being served by two lines instead of one, reducing the impact of outages and making it possible to restore power more quickly by moving customers from one line to the other.
  • Upgrading underground lines: In partnership with SaskTel, SaskPower committed $300,000 to build, repair and replace its underground lines.
  • Install redundant power cables to existing underground radial locations: Customers on Emerald Park Road will have two underground cables instead of one. This means we can restore power quickly by moving customers from one cable to the other. We expect this work to begin this September.
  • Add capacity to Parkridge Substation: This $6 million project is needed to keep up with the growing demand for power in the area as well as improving reliability. This will add a second transformer and other necessary improvements to meet a growing demand for power and increase reliability to the area. This project will also make it easier to switch customer supply to different substations, making it faster to get the power back on during an outage. This work is expected to be complete in July 2022.
  • Consider a potential new substation for Balgonie/White City/RM of Edenwold: If the demand for power in the area continues to grow, we’ll look at adding an additional substation. A new substation would cost an estimated $7 million.
  • Focus on inspecting the trees in your area: Each year there are over 2,000 outages province-wide caused by trees contacting power lines. Trees planted near power lines can also create a safety hazard. They can result in fires, power arcing to go where it shouldn’t and can even cause the surrounding ground to become energized. We’re planning to inspect all the feeders that support the area this fall. This will help inform our vegetation maintenance work. We’ll work with local municipalities to explore joint plans for reducing risks and costs.

We'll make sure to keep residents informed on any additional information from SaskPower and hope that their investment in our community will provide a more stable power supply.