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Effective Immediately - Municipal Outdoor Recreation Facilities Closed

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Effective Immediately - Municipal Outdoor Recreation Facilities Closed

Update: Effective immediately, the town will also be closing all municipal outdoor recreation facilities. This includes:
- Double K Outdoor Recreation Facility
- Fernwood Tennis/Pickleball Courts
- Ball Diamonds (including Serbu Park, Ridgedale Park & Confederation Drive)
- Wheatland Sports Field
- Skate Park

The town is closing these facilities to discourage groups from congregating and to avoid participation in activities between groups or kids that includes the passing of sports balls or equipment that may result in transmission of the coronavirus.

We still encourage families to make use of walking paths and green spaces and practice social distancing, here are a few ideas to keep yourself and your kids active while remaining safe and healthy:

1. ParticipAction App- Download the app to challenge you and/or your kids to keep active.
2. Saskatchewan In Motion has many great resources to you with creating healthy happy active kids. How about Pajama Olympics! All the resources you need are available online. 
3. Draw/Painting a scene from nature
4. Start a Container Garden - Growing vegetables in containers can provide the best growing environment possible for your garden veggies without you having to relocate, amend the soil or cut down beautiful shade trees. There are lots of resources available online specific to Saskatchewan. 
5. Camp at home -who doesn’t love camping, especially when you still have access to your own shower. Why not capture some of that joy while you are at home.