Home addition construction and placement are governed by the Town of White City Zoning Bylaw.

Both a Development Permit and a Building Permit are required to construct a home addition.  These authorizations ensure requirements associated with the Town of White City’s Zoning Bylaw are observed plus proper building and safety codes are met.

Please Remember!

•             The drawings must provide enough information so that Building Code requirements and the minimum set-backs can be checked.

•             When in doubt about requirements contact the Town and/or the Building Inspector (Professional Building Inspections Inc.)


Additional Notes

•             It is the responsibility of the owner to locate all utility lines and easements.  Check with Land Titles and Utility companies.

•             The plumbing system shall not be constructed, extended, altered, renewed or repaired unless a plumbing permit has been obtained.  Plumbing permits are available at the Town Office.

 **** You require 3 complete sets of drawings (including site plan or surveyors certificate, if available).


Renovation Permit Application Package