New Home

** NEW The Town of White City is requesting a digital copy of the building plans be submitted at the time of approval.


Building plans must conform to National Building Code as defined in The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act.  Plan drawings must be drawn to scale and in a neat and tidy professional format.  Illegible or incomplete sketches will not be accepted. The Town will not accept any hand drawn plans, all plans must be done by a professional draftsperson.  The Town will not accept any plans that are not readable or smaller than 11 x 17 (except for site plans, deck and garage plans).


New Home Building Permit Package - Updated February, 2015

                                           New Home Permit Application Package
                                           Architectural Form for Bower West 3

           - New Home Permit Application -Only


Owner Information regarding water meter charge on permit.

The water meter charge of $300.00 is required for each new resident. This provides a water meter readout for your property.