Fence Permit:

A building permit is required to build a fence in a residential area of the Town of White City.  All fences need the approval of the developer. If your property is located on a corner lot, the height of the fence is restricted at the corner site line (see Bylaw 50-80). Please check your title for a restrictive covenant concerning fences. When constructing a fence, it is recommended that you have your property surveyed. You must construct a fence around swimming pools, please see Bylaw 101-89 for more information.

Section 4.21 of the Town of White City Zoning Bylaw #541-10 governs the height restrictions in front, side and rear yards.

In the subdivisions of Bower West, and Garden of Eden and any new subdivisions coming forth, you will need a final grade certificate before construction of the fence. The Town must be sure that the property has the proper grades.  If you do not have a final grade certificate either contact your home builder or the town for further instructions.

Permits will not be issued if your property grades are not to the subdivision plan.

Living fences created from plant material require frequent maintenance.  When placing young shrubs, allowances for mature size must be considered to prevent hedges from encroaching neighbouring property.

The use of barbwire is prohibited


Fence Heights

The height of fence is measured from the ground level immediately adjacent to the fence to the highest point of the fence.

The front yard is limited to 1.0m in height

Side and rear yard is limited to 2.0m in height.  The side yard begins at the front corner of the principal building.

Bower West

All fences in this area are to be approved by Great Plains Development before a Development Permit is issued.  FENCES IN THESE AREAS MUST HAVE METAL POSTS AND POSTS CEMENTED INTO THE GROUND.   Submit a plot plan showing fence lines to Great Plains Leaseholds prior to filling out the Building   permit at the Town. . Permits are not valid unless authorized by The Town of White City. 

McKenzie Pointe, McKenzie Landing, McKenzie Lane

All fencing material must preserve the view lines.  Fences in the front yard of the house are not permitted.

Garden of Eden

All fences in this area are to be approved by the Developer. However, permits are not valid unless authorized by The Town of White City.  Fencing in rear and side yards cannot exceed 6 feet.  The fence cannot protrude past the front yard building line.

We are currently working to update all development information packages.

At this time, for updated forms please contact townoffice@whitecity.ca.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the proposed structure will not encroach upon any easements registered against the property in question.