Detached Garage/Accessory Building(shed)

Detached  Garage/AccessoryBuilding                                                                   

The Town of White City’s Zoning Bylaw regulates development including the size, location and use of buildings.  The Building Bylaw regulates how buildings are constructed.

For purposes of definition, the White City Zoning Bylaw identifies a Detached Garage as an accessory building.

Before constructing a detached accessory building, both a Development Permit and a Building Permit are mandated by the Town of White City.  These authorizations ensure requirements associated with White City’s Zoning Bylaw are observed and proper building codes are met.

Please note that a Building Permit cannot be issued unless a Development Permit, where required, has also been issued.


Begin preparations by checking with all utility companies to ensure there are no easements which you will be constructing over.

Contact the Town of White City for regulation information regarding detached garages.


  1. All accessory buildings, including sheds over 10 square metres in area, and tent buildings require a development permit.
  2. Except as specifically provided in this Bylaw accessory buildings shall comply with the yard requirements for a principal building.  Any accessory building must be located a minimum of 1 metre from a principal building and if located in the side yard of the principal building the setback shall comply with all the minimum yard requirements of the principal building.
  3. An accessory building shall not be located in a front yard.
  4. The total accessory area allowed per lot can be portioned between all accessory building on the lot.
  5. No door that could give access for a vehicle to a private garage , whether attached to the principal building or not, shall be located in a required front yard, less than 4.5 meters from a street to which it gives direct access, or less than 1.5 meters to a lane to which it gives direct access.


  1. Accessory buildings of not exceeding 10 square meters (100 sq. ft) in area or 2.5 m (8.2ft) in height are not subject to setback standards provided that they are located completely in the rear of the lot.
  2. Uncovered outdoor swimming pools and other yard recreation equipment shall have a minimum side or rear yard of 0.75m
  3. Private garages, carports, and accessory buildings attached to a principal building by a substantial roof structure shall be considered as part of the principal building and subject to the regulations of the principal building.
  4. Accessory buildings with barrel vault roofs shall not be permitted in all Residential and Community Service Districts.
  5. If trusses are to be used, then a truss design stamped by an architect or engineer is required.
  6. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the proposed structure will not encroach upon any easements registered against the property in question.

We are currently working to update all development information packages.

At this time, for updated forms please contact



Development permits are required for all buildings, including sheds and tent buildings.

  • A moveable shed shall not be larger than 10 square metres and 2.5 metres in height, ground to roof peak. Side yards and back yards for moveable sheds must be respected with exception of those that do not have a foundation or cement structure.
  • For those moveable sheds which are not on a foundation or cement floor the side and/or rear yard distance may be 0 (zero) metres, with consent of the property line owner. Subject to the consent agreement, such consent will be binding upon the homeowner and property line owner for the time set forth in the consent.

Detached Garage Permit Application Package