For Deck Construction

Deck construction and placement are governed by the Town of White City Zoning Bylaw.

For purposes of definition, a deck is an open platform that is elevated above grade, projecting from the face of a wall.  Cantilevered or supported by columns or brackets, and usually surrounded by a balustrade or railing.

Both a development Permit and a Building Permit are required to construct a new deck, demolish, repair or alter an existing deck, or enclose an existing deck.  These authorizations ensure requirements associated with the Town of White City’s Zoning Bylaw are observed plus proper building and safety codes are met.


National Building Code

Building Code Requirements detailed in the National Building Code of Canada concerning quardrails, handrails, stair construction, come in effect and must be considered when planning the structure of decks and foundation support requirements where in piles will be required when distance from finished ground to the underside of the joists exceeds 600mm.


“Site coverage” indicates yard dimensions, or the portion of a site which is covered by principal and accessory buildings, which includes covered decks and covered patios.


  • In Front Yard – maximum of 1.8 m projection of open cantilevered balconies, open porches, or open steps,
  • In Rear Yard – unenclosed deck and enclosed decks may project 3 metres into any required rear yard.

Safety Measures

  • Guards are to be constructed to be non-climbable to prevent injury.
  • Glass in guards must be safety glass of the laminated or tempered type which conforms to “Tempered or Laminated Safety Glass” standards (established by the Canadian General Standards Board).  Guards may also contain wired glass which conforms to CGSB “Wired Safety Glass” standards.


Guards and Stairs

  • Where deck height is greater than 0.6 metres above grade at any point, a guard rail is required on every deck side that is not protected by a wall.
  • Guards must be a minimum of 1.07 metres high.  An exception exists where the walking surface served by the guard is less than 1.8 metres above grade and the deck serves only one dwelling unit.  In this instance, the guards may be a minimum of 0.9 metres high.
  • Spacing between guard rails is a maximum of 0.1 metres, preventing the passage of spherical object with that diameter.
  • Stair guards must be a minimum of 0.9 metres high above the stair.  This is measured vertically from a line drawn through the outside edges of the stair nosings furthermore, stair guards must be minimum of 1.07 metres high at landings.
  • When more than 3 stair risers are present.  A handrail is required along the stairs.


Deck Permit Application Package

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the proposed structure will not encroach upon any easements registered against the property in question.