Finishing Your Basement

A Development/Building permit is required for most alterations or construction within a dwelling.  Therefore, a Building Permit is required to develop a basement for the personal use of the occupant (such as family room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.).

Work is not authorized to proceed on a project for which a permit is required, until both a valid Development Permit and a Building Permit has been paid for and received from the Town.  Building Permits cannot be issued without a Development Permit Approval.


Applying for a Building Permit

Your floor plan should indicate the following:

  • The proposed and existing room layout.
  • Designation of the use and dimensions of the proposed rooms.
  • Total square footage of the area being developed.
  • Details of structural changes, if any.
  • Number of additional plumbing fixtures.
  • Locations of smoke alarms
  • Location and sizes of all windows.
  • Location, sizes and swing direction of all doors.



Basement Development Permit Package



Additional Requirements

If you intend to install electrical wiring and/or plumbing in your basement, then you also require a separate Electrical Permit and a Plumbing Permit.  Depending on the work being done, a Gas Permit and/or a Heating Permit may also be necessary.

In addition to a building permit, a Development Permit is also required for basement suites.  The property must already be zoned for the intended purpose and the lot must meet minimum size requirements.  Please note that a building permit is not required when insulating exterior walls.  However, erecting any interior walls does require a building permit plus any other applicable permits (such as electrical and plumbing)