Business Licenses

Home based businesses (home occupations) and commercial businesses operated on land within the Town must be approved as required by the Town’s Zoning Bylaws 541-10.

If you are going to start your own home based business, you must first fill out a Business Application in a Residential Area form.

Please submit your application about a week prior to a Council meeting. Council, upon receipt of your application, will acknowledge the application at a Council meeting.

Home Businesses also include; “Businesses that use only an existing dwelling for purpose of receiving phone calls, invoicing for services, maintaining accounting records for the home occupation or home-based business, and for selling of goods not stored on and from the lot”.

Residents within 75 ft of your business will be sent a letter and a copy of your application asking for comments or concerns about your home based business application.

Council will again review your application at the next Council meeting and pass a resolution to accept your application for your home based business.

You will then be notified by letter as to whether your application has been or not been accepted.

If accepted we will send with your notification letter an application for business license and advise you of your business license fee for the year.

Business License renewals are due by March 31st of each year.