Landscaping information:


The Town of White City has a natural drainage plan. This means that yard, driveway, and home elevations are extremely important and must be maintained to engineered designs.

Do not proceed with any new or change any existing landscaping until you have had a property grade level certificate done by a reputable survey company. You can call the Town to check and see if we have a recent one on file.

All Landscaping plans need to be approved by the Town before they can be implemented. Driveways need a permit and need to be inspected by the Town before it is poured.

2017 Landscaping Requirements by Subdivision:

Garden of Eden - Call 306-781-2355 ext 221 or Email:  for more information on landscaping in Garden of Eden

McKenzie Pointe

Bower West Phases 1 and 2

Bower West Phase 3

We are currently working to update all development information packages.

At this time, for updated forms please contact

Landscape Inspection Form

Inspections are made between June 1 and October 1 weather permitting.

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