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Town of White City Recycles Water

As part of the town’s continuing efforts to conserve water, lawn irrigation at Serbu Park and the splash park uses recycled water.  Serbu Park uses backwashing water from the SaskWater treatment plant. The splash park lawn is irrigated using water captured from the play structure. Recycling decreases the demand for treated water and using it to water grass avoids sending it into the sewer system.



Email Consent form for paperless invoices

The Town of White City will be offering residents the opportunity to receive Water/Sewer Utility notices as attachments in an e-mail rather than by regular mail. After this original phase in The Town will be adding Taxes and Assessments to this service.  If you are interested in this service please contact the town office for a consent form townoffice@whitecity.ca

2017 Water Rates:


Water rate consumption

Water rate consumption >150 cubic meters

Basic Quarterly charge

Out of Town User/cubic meter






Jan. 2017

$3.34/cubic meter

$4.27/cubic meter



 2017: SEWER RATE: Basic Quarterly Charge $94.31 and $0.98/cubic meter based on 75% of usage.

Current Water Test Results : Drinking Water Quality and Compliance: Report date April 13, 2017

Town of White City - Drinking Watger Quality and Compliance

White City Water Treatment Plant - Potable Water Supply

 Annual Water Works Information

2014 Utility Financial Overview

 Connection to the Municipal water system is mandatory for every residence in town.

There can be no cross-connection between the Municipal supply and any water you may be using from your well for yard irrigation.

There is a $400.00 water meter charge on new constructions per property on each installed water meter which is NOT refundable should you move from the residence.  There is a $75.00 connection fee for any resident purchasing an existing home.

To arrange for installation of your new water meter or your move from your residence, please call the Municipal office at 781-2355.

Wells are permitted. Wells can only be used for yard irrigation.  All wells require permits from the Municipal office located at 14 Ramm Avenue East.


Water Leak Cost

Just a note of information on the cost of water leaks in your home.  If you have a 1/32” stream of water from your faucet, 25 gallons of water is wasted in a 24 hour period and 750 gallons would be wasted in one month.  A 1/8” stream of water wastes 400 gallons in 24 hours and 12,000 gallons in one month.

Another source of leaks is the toilet.

Inspect these sources of wasted water often and have them repaired at once.  Your water meter is registering the leakage.



In January 2014, the Town Council approved a sewer charge rate. The new sewer charge rate is based on water consumption. A rate is charged per cubic meter based on 75% of water consumed. A sewer base quarterly charge is also applied. 

 2014- 2017 Water and Sewer Rate Increases:

Council has increased the Water and Sewer rates yearly effective January 1, 2015 thru January 1, 2017.

Increased Rates applied at 1st Quarter Utility billing - April 

The water rate increases will be as follows:


Water rate consumption

Water rate consumption >150 cubic meters

Basic Quarterly charge

Jan, 2014

 $2.88/ cubic meter

 $3.67/ cubic meter


Jan. 2015

$3.03/cubic meter

$3.86/cubic meter


Jan. 2016

$3.18/cubic meter

$4.05/cubic meter



The sewer rate increases will be as follows:


Sewer rate consumption based on 75% water   usage

Basic Quarterly charge

Jan 2014



Jan. 2015



Jan. 2016



Jan. 2017




Here are some web sites on water conservation:




Water Usage information Tips and Facts PDF

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the R900 Radio Frequency (RF) Emissions. (Mui Box)


How to read your water meter:

how to read your water meter