1. How to Recycle

Blue bin recycling pick-up service

The first step in recycling is the collection of the recyclable materials. Loraas’ new “one cart-no sort” residential curbside recycling program makes this easy for you. Families who recycle items such as cardboard, paper, bottles and cans, place the items in the recycling cart that we have provided. This is one of the most important steps for recycling, because if people do not separate their recyclable materials from their trash, it makes it hard for the materials to be recycled.

There is no need to sort your recyclables or bag them, just clean them and put them into your blue bin. Then take your bin out for collection every second week on your collection day.

Loraas Disposal Residential Single Stream Curbside Recycling

2013 White City Waste & Recycling Calendar

Lorass Recycling Information Sheet